Thursday, November 14, 2013

Popular Android ROM Features in Infographics and GIF's

So I recently decided to install a new ROM on my Nexus 4 but I was sure which one I wanted or which ROM was the best for me.  The most well known seems to be CyanogenMod, but there are so many to choose from.  I repeatedly saw these same four ROMs (not ordered in any way):

1. CyanogenMod
2. CarbonRom
4. Paranoid Android

After a lot of reading and some video watching on YouTube, I decided to go with CarbonRom since it seemed to have a little bit of everything.  I can't give an opinion just yet, but what I can say is that it has so far been a great, solid rom.

While browsing one day I ended up stumbling across these awesome GIF's displaying most of the features for each of the ROMs I listed above.  You'll notice that most of the ROMs share the same features but each has it's own tweaks.  Below are some examples of what you can expect with links to the complete list of GIFs.  Hopefully this helps give you a better understanding of what each ROM is capable of doing and makes your decision easier.

All the credit goes to a user by the name of wamen_noodles over at Reddit who took the time to create the GIFs.
Reddit Post Link

A more extensive breakdown of features per ROM.


Complete CyanogenMod GIFs


Complete CarbonRom Gifs


Paranoid Android

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