Sunday, November 24, 2013

AotD: wRotatr, Rotate Your Own Pictures as Wallpapers

So I've written blog posts about 2 other types of wallpaper apps.  Auto-wallpaper (for reddit) which allows you to subscribe to subreddits and rotates your wallpapers automatically on a set interval.  There's Blur which allows you to blur your existing image creating simple, unique, and color backgrounds that you are able to use.  If you wish to automatically rotate your own pictures from your gallery then you might want to check out wRotatr, which is from the makers of Paranoid Android.  This app will allow you to add images to a list and automatically rotate through them in order or randomly.  You also have to option to track certain folders which will it will then choose to rotate through.  Unfortunately it is a paid app at $1.36 so it won't hurt the pocketbook too much.

Google Play Store Links:
Auto-wallpaper (for reddit) - Free
Blur - Free w/paid option
wRotatr - $ w/no Free option

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