Thursday, November 28, 2013

AotD: Google Opinion Rewards, Earn Play Store Money by Answering Surveys

There are probably a lot of apps out there where you can do certain simple tasks on your phone and make some money, albeit a very small amount.  Well, Google released an app where you can take survey's and they'll reward you with free Google Play Store credits.

The survey's are usually really short and are most of the time multiple choice.  While you won't be able to quit your day job, this is a really simple way to add some credits to your account, which you can use towards some new apps you might have been eyeing.  The first survey I answered netted me $1.  I've answered a few more and have received a smaller amount, $0.80 one time, but free is free, and it literally took a minute to answer the survey.  They're random, so you might receive one two days in a row, you might not receive one for two weeks.  Again, it's just some extra money that can be easily acquired in a short time span.

*I was having some issues submitting my surveys and found out that an app, Adaway, on my rooted device might have been the culprit.  If you are also having that issue and have Adaway installed you might want to remove it/pause it if a survey is available.

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