Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Android App Review: Auto-wallpaper (for reddit)

On my OS X Desktop I have an app called Wallpaper Wizard, which I recommend, which automatically rotates the desktop background based on topics you have subscribed to (nature, space, etc.).  I recently wanted to have a similar feature but for my Nexus 4.  After some browsing I finally stumbled across an app called Auto-wallpaper (for reddit).

It basically follows the same notion, where you can have your wallpaper automatically change based on a set time duration.  What they use as topics/themes are Reddit's subreddits, such as Earthporn, Waterporn, Spaceporn, etc.  They have a few that are predefined but you do have the option to add your own subreddit if you wish.

It's a basic app that only changes your wallpaper, but can add a new fresh look to your phone.  I really enjoy it and recommend checking it out.

+ Free
+ Easy to use
+ Can set update interval
+ Can set to update only on wifi


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