Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CarbonRom: How To Guide on Customization

So I recently rooted my device and decided to go with a new ROM while I was waiting for 4.4 to hit the Nexus 4 and decided to go with CarbonRom.  It's an all around great ROM with many features from all of the most popular ROMs and so far I have had no regrets.  The point of this post is not to sway you to rooting or using CarbonRom, but just a few quick guides on how to do certain customization.  Let's begin:

This is what my current homescreen looks like at the moment.  As for the wallpaper, if you haven't read my post about Auto wallpaper (for reddit) you should definitely check out the app or if you prefer simple, yet color spectrum like wallpapers, check out Blur.  I'm also currently using the beta version of Nova Launcher which takes a few bits from 4.4 Kit Kat.

11.23.2013 - Added Minimized Lockscreen Challenge
11.24.2013 - Added CRT Animation

Hide the Status Bar
I like having the status bar hidden as it adds additional screen real estate.  I set it to where if I drag my finger down it will display the status bar and if I repeat the action it will open the notification menu.


Quick Peek allows you to swipe down to display the status bar briefly and I have the status bar hidden at  all time.  If you wish you can set it do display when you have notifications which some might find useful.

Transparent Navigation Bar
The status bar and the navigation bar in 4.4 KitKat is transparent which is great because it makes the screen a look a lot larger compared to it's previous iteration.  I also made the bar smaller so it doesn't take up as much space considering it's not really displaying useful information.  If you want to completely hide it you can do so and then activate Pie Controls.  In my case since the status bar is hidden at all times I left the transparency for it at 0% because otherwise I found it difficult to read.

Arrow Keys on Keyboard
Something I thought would be strange to have I've found to be extremely useful.  I no longer have to fiddle around with the blue cursor trying to perfectly place that damn cursor line one more letter left or right.  With this setting it simply adds a left and right arrow along your navigation menu to help with those pesky cursor issues.

Minimized Lockscreen Challenge
When you have gorgeous wallpapers why block them with a keypad when you power on your phone.  Making this change will also allow you to see any larger widgets you might be using.  I had previously used Dashclock and had it display things like email, messages, and news, and with the keypad hidden I was able to see a more detailed view without having the expand the widget.

What it looks like when the lockscreen challenge is hidden.

Disable CRT Animation
If you don't like the CRT Animation you see when your display turns off you can disable it.  If you do like you have the option to change it from being a horizontal animation to a vertical one if that is what you prefer.  Unlike most of the CarbonRom settings, this one is actually in Display.

I'll continue to add more settings I find useful as I familiarize myself with CarbonRom.

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