Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to Transfer Photos & More From Your iPhone

I recently gave my mom my older phone but I wanted to make sure everything was kept the same, specifically the photos.  Unfortunately the computer she used to sync it with was not at the house so I had to find a solution online.  There were a couple of solutions, some straight from Apple, but didn't completely answer my question.

If you want to transfer the camera roll from your iPhone you can do that without any additional software (Apple Knowledge Base Article).  They have guides for Mac and Windows.

The limitation here is that it does not import other photos that you might have, such as albums, which is what I really needed.

There are a few applications out there but I decided to use DiskAid for Mac.  It's not free, and honestly is on the expensive side, but it did do the job and there is a Windows version if needed.  It's not limited to just importing photos, you can do videos, music, messages,  contacts, etc.

But in my case I just wanted to get the photos off of the phone and on to my computer so I could backup the phone, restore it to factory settings, and then restore from backup.

Besides having to authorize my computer everything went pretty smoothly.  I backed up the contacts to iCloud and iTunes took care of the rest.  After it is all said and done I was able to restore all the apps, photos (iTunes backs up the camera roll), contacts, messages, etc.

Other Apps:

Swiss Army Knife (does practically everything):
DiskAid (Windows/Mac)
iExplorer (Windows/Mac)

Music Only:
Senuti (Mac)
Sharepod (Windows/Mac)

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