Monday, December 16, 2013

Borderlands 2: How to Maximize Screen Resolution

Since I'm on vacation I finally have a chance to get back to playing some video games.  I bought Borderlands 2 a long time ago, during the Steam Summer Sale, but never had the time to play it.  I started playing it yesterday but found that the resolution was really poor and for some reason I wasn't able to change it to a higher resolution.  Well I was able to determine the reason was the Framerate option.  So, if you are unable to change the resolution to a higher resolution change the framerate option to something higher.  I've set mine to unlimited, using a 7950, and it works wonderfully, and I was then able to change the Resolution setting.

You can probably do it before starting the game or from within the game but I didn't notice the resolution issue until I started the game.

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