Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to Fix WIndows 7 Wake Issues

Recently my Windows 7 machine wouldn't wake up from sleep no matter what I did so I had to always power it down which was extremely annoying.  After some browsing I stumbled upon a fix which so far has been working.  Basically there is an option to allow a USB device to wake the computer, which is off by default and might be the culprit.  Here's how you change that setting.

Start > Right Click My Computer > Properties.
Select Device Manager on the left hand side.
Expand Human Interface Devices.
Right Click on HID-compliant consumer control device/HID-compliant device > Properties and select the Power Management tab.
Check Allow this device to wake the computer and select OK.

Do this for all of the HID-compliant consumer control device/HID-compliant device located in the Human Interface devices section.

Hopefully you will no longer have an issue with your Windows 7 machine not waking up from sleep.

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