Tuesday, February 11, 2014

AotD: Grooveshark - Free Music Streaming App on Android

UPDATE: Since Grooveshark has shut down this service no longer works.
For those that don't know, Grooveshark is one of the many free music streaming websites available similar to Rio and Spotify.  Unlike those mentioned, you do not have to pay when you want to stream to your mobile device.

The problem with Grooveshark was there are no longer native applications on the Google Play Store or the iTunes AppStore. While you can use the mobile browser to listen to music via HTML5 the experience is slightly laggy and not as fluid as you would find on a native application. Luckily someone was nice enough to create a native application for users on Android and it looks amazing.  You'll need to allow the ability to install downloaded APK's.  Click the image to take you to more images and the APK file.

Thanks to Bejan Kanga for his hard work.

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