Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Alternatives to eBay for Selling/Buying Electronics

If you tend to keep up with technology you might find yourself with extra electronics.  Well, don't let them sit and gather dust, sell them sooner rather than later to get the most out of them.
eBay used to be the go to place when trying to sell anything and everything but the fees they charge are outrageous and can add up quick.  Fortunately for us there are other options.

Craigslist is a great way to sell/buy your electronics locally.  It is free to post your items and there are no fees that you need to consider.  Since it's mostly cash only transactions it is best to meet in public places when doing the exchange.  The downside to buying locally is that you have to make sure what you are buying is legit as there are no returns.
Amazon is another option if you are looking for a broader audience like eBay with less fees.  There are still fees that you have to consider but they are not nearly as high as they are on eBay since eBay gets you on eBay fees and Paypal fees.  The fee calculation depends on various factors but you'll most likely end up making more money.  The downside is that not as many people check Amazon, but it would still be worthwhile to sell.  The positive when buying is that Paypal is not required and you can just use a standard credit card.
Swappa is newer and probably the least known website for selling/buying electronics.  There are no fees to post as a seller nor are there fees when you sell your item.  The price that you post your item includes a $10 surcharge that the buyer pays.  When selling your phone you'll have to input your IMEI number which they'll check to determine if it is whitelisted.  That is probably the best part about Swappa is that you can have confidence that the item you are buying is legit and is not blacklisted.

If there are any other options that you know of feel free to comment below.  I know Craigslist and Amazon were pretty obvious to most, but Swappa might be new to a few.


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