Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Android App: Remember Facebook Brithdays with Birthdays

If you are like me and don't visit Facebook often you might not see the reminders that it's your friend's birthday.  While I don't often post much on Facebook I do like to wish people a happy birthday, since I'm a nice guy :P, and this app helps remind me of when it's time to wish that friend a birthday greeting.

It is a breeze to setup and will import all of your friends' birthday's once you sign into Facebook through the app.  What I like most about it is that it will notify you via the notification system letting you know if there is a birthday coming up.  On top of that, you can post from within the Birthdays app to Facebook without having to open Facebook so that is a huge plus too.  You can also add widgets to your homescreen too.

There are ads with the Free version which is expected, but a pro version is available for $2.99.  

If you no longer want to miss out on your friend's birthday and would like to post on their Facebook wall give the Birthdays app a try.

+ Free version available w/plenty of features
+ Easy to use/import Facebook contacts
+ Notifications implemented
+ Post to Facebook within the Birthdays app

- Ads w/free version
- Interface is a bit bland
- Pro version doesn't offer much more
- Notification icon is slightly off

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