Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Should you get a white or black iPhone 6/6+?

My smartphone journey began with iOS, then I spent a few years with Android, but have been thinking about going back to iOS with the release of the iPhone 6/6+.  I couldn't decide which color, black or white, I wanted so I decide to do a little research and compare them on my own.

Clean front when device is off
Speaker/front facing camera/proximity sensor not visible
Bezels "disappear" when viewing media

Fingerprints are more visible on the bezel
Reflections are easier to see along the bezel
Applications don't look as good with black
Only comes in Space Gray

White bezels gives a cleaner look
Applications seem to look better with the white bezels
Fingerprint sensor has a colored ring surrounding it making it look more premium
Two toned look when the screen is off looks good
Comes in Silver or Gold

Speaker/front facing camera/proximity sensor visible
White bezel might be distracting when viewing videos
White bezels may project more light reflection

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